Mechanisms behind temperature stabilisation of cells

Krishna Mahbubani

Short Bio

Krishnaa completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge where she engineered platforms for oral vaccine delivery. Her interests lie in understanding the mechanisms behind temperature stabilisation of cells (bacterial and mammalian) looking at heat and mass transfer across the phospholipid bilayer. Current research focuses on increasing the shelf life of biological products used in regenerative medicine (e.g. mammalian cells, stem cells, red blood cells) and developing storage systems without non-toxic protectants. The aim is to maximise the capacity of cryopreservation, freeze-drying and vacuum drying to reach a final goal of preserving cells in a dry state to allow for a room temperature supply chain and removing the need for cold-chain during storage and transport.

Methods and techniques

SNAL Project

    Work in progress.


    Work in progress.