Strasbourg: Principles of Imaging for Membrane systems

Dates: 30 November – 3 December 2015
Location: Institut Charles Sadron (23, Rue de Loess, 67034, Strasbourg, France)

katorzeCore training courses will cover such topics as methodology, models, and statistical estimation and hypothesis tests. Essential background and computational models for modelling lipid bilayers and their interactions with nano-objects will also be provided.

Given the large differences in background between experimental and theoretical/computational ESRs, training courses will aim to highlight these two areas at different levels.

Principles of imaging for membrane systems

Courses will be given by senior academics in Strasbourg. A three days introduction to theoretical and experimental aspects of optical and fluorescence microscopy, and related digital image treatment, introduction to cryo-TEM (transmission electron microscopy) applied to liposomal systems, introduction to neutron and X-rays reflectivity techniques on supported bilayers.

Invited speakers


Monday, 30th November 2015

 8:45   Welcome by MCube group
 9:00   Practical session
12:15   Lunch
13:30   Jérome Mutterer  Digital images and ImageJ
15:30   Coffee
16:00   Alain Brisson  Introduction to optical and electron microscopies
18:00   Close

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

 9:00   Practical session
12:15   Lunch
13:30   Olivier Haeberlé  Principles of Microscopy
15:30   Coffee
16:00   Close

Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

 9:00   Practical session
12:15   Lunch
13:30   Patrick Schultz  Transmission electron microscopy for biomolecular structure
             determination and classification
15:30   Coffee
16:00   Yves Mély  Quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques
18:00   Close

Thursday, 3rd December 2015

10:00   Olivier Haeberlé  Principles of Microscopy
12:15   Lunch
13:30   Close

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Organized by

  • Dr Carlos Marques, Institut Charles Sadron, MCube
  • Assistant Prof. Fabrice Thalmann, Institut Charles Sadron, MCube
  • Dr Marc Schmutz, Institut Charles Sadron, MCube

Local Organizing committee
Monika Kluzek and Mattia Morandi

Strasbourg training event pamphlet

Monika Kluzek
Mattia Morandi

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