RNA-loaded liposome vaccines

Amanda Chen

Short Bio

Whitaker International Fellow Amanda Chen is starting her MPhil in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, UK. She will be investigating and characterizing RNA-loaded liposome vaccines in collaboration with Zoetis. Amanda graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in biomedical engineering from the University of Rochester, USA, where she studied polymeric biomaterials and cartilage tissue engineering in the lab of professor Danielle Benoit. She plans to conduct her doctoral work in the department of Biological Engineering at MIT following her studies in the UK. Additionally, Amanda also spent a summer at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, developing boron lipid-containing liposomes in the context of anticancer drug delivery and at Clemson University as an REU Scholar studying the electrochemical properties of polymer-based energy storage systems. Outside of research activities, Amanda trains for triathlons and plays the oboe.

2014-present Whitaker International Fellow. University of Cambridge, UK

SNAL Project

SNAL Project

  • Investigation and characterization of RNA-loaded liposome vaccines

    Experimental methods and characterisation techniques Description We have previously demonstrated that certain combinations of lipids within a liposome formulation enable the highly effective delivery of RNA liposome vaccines to cells. However, such formulations have to date only been prepared at laboratory scale and methods are required whereby they can be manufactured in sufficient quantities for clinical trials ...

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    Work in progress.