Cell preservation and biostabilisation

  • Interests: biomaterials, biochemistry, materials science
  • Supervisor: Kevin Ward
  • Host institution: Biopharma, Btl, Winchester, UK
Martin Stefanic

Short Bio

I participate in the SNAL project to develop cell preservation technology for biomedical applications at Biopharma Ltd. I am originally from Slovenia where I finished all my formal education. I obtained my Master degree in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana and PhD degree at the Jožef Stefan Institute. My PhD project was dealing with the synthesis of bioactive calcium phosphate coatings on ceramic bone implants and throughout my PhD I developed expertise in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering. During my research I developed novel methods for deposition of calcium phosphate coatings on zirconia ceramics and published my results in peer-reviewed journals. After my PhD I joined the company Lucideon as a researcher in the healthcare department and worked on the project Biobone.

2014-present Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Experienced Researcher,
Biopharma, Btl

SNAL Project

  • ER2-B: Investigation of membrane permeating materials in biostabilisation

    Experimental methods and characterisation techniques in cell preservation and biostabilisation Objectives Evaluate how size, shape and physical nature (net charge, pH responsiveness and nanoparticle and CNT characteristics) affect their interaction with membranes. These studies aim to link transfection efficiency from different therapeutic models (size, charge and proteins versus DNA) with the structural design of the therapeutic nanoparticles, ...

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