Smart Nano-objects for Alteration of Lipid bilayers (SNAL) Initial Training Network is a multidisciplinary EU-funded 7th Framework Programme specially designed to provide scientific and transferable skill training and career development for early stage researchers and experienced researchers in the field of lipid research.

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ESR6-L: Atomistic and coarse-grained simulations of the interactions of nano-objects and biosurfactants with lipid bilayers


This project is focused on the study of the interactions of nano-objects and biosurfactants with lipid bilayers using continuum theory and atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations.

  • Equilibrium state of stratum corneum (SC) lipid bilayers in contact with keratin corneocytes;
  • Interaction of nanoparticles and proteins with SC lipid bilayers;
  • Understanding the role of strongly-asymmetric ceramides in the structure and integrity of SC bilayers.

Tasks and methodology

  • Modelling of strongly-asymmetric ceramide-1;
  • Effects of adsorption of nanorods and nanospheres on lipid bilayers;
  • Behaviour of Janus and patchy spheres and rod-coil diblock copolymers;
  • Computational methods for determining elastic properties of functionalised bilayers.

Start September 2014

End September 2017

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Anna Sofia Tascini

MSCA Early Stage Researcher at Imperial College London, UK Atomistic and coarse-grained simulations, molecular dynamics, more...
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