ESR12-F: Toxicity of nano-objects on human cells models

In-vitro experiments on living cells, toxicology studies


Anna Orlowska


Main objective is to compare, validate and corroborate the findings of the interaction of the nano-objects synthesised by the network to actual human cell models with the findings observed with the lipid membrane model systems.

Tasks and methodology

Recruited ESR will obtain experience in toxicity, cell- and molecular biological methodology and will be able to carry out toxicological evaluation of material, their attachment to, uptake or translocation across cells or barrier models. After nanomaterial exposure cell viability will be evaluated by standardized MTS-assay and the cellular membrane integrity of the cells will be measured via LDH-assay (cytosolic lactate hydrogenase, which is released to the cell culture supernatant).
HF-HDMEC Co-culture vWF - Alexa Fluor 546 Phase-contrast PF

Image of primary human fibroblasts co-cultured with endothelial cells. The red fluorescence represents the expression of vWF, an endothelial cell marker. Nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue).

Starting date October 2014

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